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June 13, 2005


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Posted by Ross Mayfield

Blogging LA reports that the LA Times is launching "Wikitorials." From the editorial page:

"Watch next week for the introduction of "wikitorials" — an online feature that will empower you to rewrite Los Angeles Times editorials."

This is one media experiment to watch. However, from Socialtext's experience with public wikis, offering up otherwise finished text for rewrite has limited effect. Generally, wikis can work best when something is slightly unfinished, when room for contribution is left clear. Finished text leads people to drop in links or short comments. Quite different from wikitechture that involves people in the process of production and encourages development of shared practices.

Also, this is a marked departure from the reference model most public wiki users know, the neutral point of view of Wikipedia. Almost begs for edit wars. But starting with the least newsy section of the news could be a good place to start.

UPDATE: The project has forked

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1. Kris Olsen on June 13, 2005 9:02 AM writes...

It might also be more (productive, compelling, enticing, balanced,...) to present opposing editorial positions as the starting point. That would draw out a more interested and interesting participation.

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2. Keith Instone on June 18, 2005 7:22 AM writes...

The link to has a space in it, which is messing up my browser. Please fix.

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