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June 22, 2005

Letter to the Wikitor

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Posted by Ross Mayfield

Okay, I’m still a bit irked that the LA Times Editors shut down the Wikitorials community. I started to become engaged in the community and saw promise. They shut it down without warning and without thinking things through to begin with.

So, why not use a wiki to compose a letter to the editors of the LA Times? Let’s write an Open Letter to the Wikitor. Who knows, they might even acknowledge or print it.

UPDATE: The letter is looking pretty good, I’m sending it in on Sunday, so go contribute if you so desire.

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1. JMax on June 26, 2005 9:12 PM writes...

But, don't you think the more interesting question here is why a Wiki in one context (e.g. LATimes) should attract destructive vandalism so quickly while other wikis remain relatively free from it. I don't think it helps to assume that a wiki is a wiki in some essential way, and that wiki 'audiences' can be expected to behave the same (functional) way... right from the word go, the LATimes experiment is drawing a VERY different crowd (and therefore culture) than, say Why would we expect them to behave 'appropriately' in such a case?

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2. Ross Mayfield on June 27, 2005 6:40 PM writes...

I think that you can assume if a group has co-invested themselves enough to create a resource they will defend it. Of course, this takes time in any context.

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